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Friday, June 20, 2008


You state the problem, yet you propose no solution...What say you would be the appropriate course of action?

Hmmm... depends on what you mean when you say that I've stated "the problem".

High gas prices are not the problem. People who think that politicians should do something about high gas prices are the problem. More generally, people who think that government should be about making everybody's lives better (instead of simply establishing a secure civil society in which people can make their own lives better) are the real problem.

Unfortunately, I have no solution for that. As John Adams said, "There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide." Or, as one of my favorite demotivators says: "None of us is as dumb as all of us."

Neither choice in this election is perfect, certainly. But one candidate is all about the government "taking care" of people, while the other candidate is (mostly) about government getting the hell out of the way so people can take care of themselves. Or not.

Only one of those positions is remotely realistic and sustainable. Hint: it's not Obama's.

If everybody would stop moaning and fend for themselves, they could bring down prices easily.
Just stay away from the pump for a day.
Market pricing is based on supply and demand. Just as it always has, and will be!

Ah yes, the old "stay away from the pump for a day" chestnut.

Market pricing is based on supply and demand. But just staying away from the pump for a day isn't going to do anything at all about demand... it simply shifts the timing of that demand to the next day.

Actually driving less, or driving more fuel-efficient cars, is what will have a real impact. But it's not a one-day-only event, it's a change in lifestyle.

And of course gas prices 6+ months after the original post are down to about half what they were, so this is not nearly as pressing of an issue.

I agree with you, however, on the idea about people stopping the moaning and fending for themselves. I'm not one of those "drown government in the bathtub" types who thinks that all government is bad... but government is a frickin' TOOL, nothing more. Give some people a hammer, and they think everything looks like a nail...

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