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Friday, April 25, 2008


Well im a little confused , we have never worked on your home or projects and im going to ask that when you refer to the tile tile company working at your place that you would not or refer to them as the tile guys.. ,because we are The Tile Guys and any negitive input you would have against the other company refering to the tile guys, my clients might see and think that it was us and also we have the only license in california and the only dba with that name and we have it for ten yrs.....so if that, is there name of the company there are working illegaly w/out license and i think using my company name ,refering to them, is slandering my company ,im not trying to be difficult i have worked a long time to get my company where it is and the awesome reputation we do have......i would like to keep it.....i do thank you for time and hope your project finishes well..

Well, Mike, there's really nothing to be confused about at all. When I referred to the tile guys, particularly in the context of distinguishing them from the carpet guys who also worked on my house, I was simply using a general descriptive term. Had I capitalized it -- talking about The Tile Guys -- I could see your point.

But frankly, if you're going to name your business in such a generic way, you've really got nobody to blame but yourself if anyone else gets confused.

I mean, if I was to open a shop and call it The Store, would it be reasonable for me to go around asking random folks on the internet not to talk about any sort of negative experiences they might have encountered at the store? Particularly if people were talking about their experiences at the store in a completely different state?

Point being, you don't own the English phrase "the tile guys" and certainly have no business trying to restrict the use of that very generic descriptive term in other peoples' conversations. Why you (or anybody else) would think that this other company was literally named "the tile guys" based on my posting is really beyond me. I think that you're being more than a little bit too sensitive here.

But what the heck, allow me to be clear for your benefit. The tile guys who worked on my house were NOT The Tile Guys based in California. They were entirely different tile guys based in Nevada.

And the tile guys messed up in their installation, but to their credit (the tile guys' credit, not The Tile Guys) they did completely fix the damage that they caused, and did so promptly. So I would not necessarily recommend the tile guys to other people, but I then neither would I suggest that other people avoid the tile guys entirely. I simply offer my anecdote for consideration.

On the other hand, I can say that I'd recommend against hiring The Tile Guys, whom I hear are the only legally licensed tile guys in California to be named such, based not on any direct experience with their work product, but simply because the owner seems to be easily confused by basic rules of English grammar such as the capitalization of proper nouns.

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