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Friday, October 19, 2007


"But he's a complete isolationist, abolish-the-IRS, kill-Social-Security type ideologue."


The best term to describe Ron Paul's foreign policy is not "isolationist" but rather "military non-interventionist."

Paul believes strongly in free trade with other nations, diplomacy, travel, cultural exchange, etc. He doesn't believe in spreading American values through force of arms.

This is the foreign policy George Bush ran on in 2000 (no nation-building, a humble foreign policy).

Yes, he wants to get rid of the IRS. We don't need an income tax -- only about 35% of the revenue the Treasury takes in comes from the income tax, so to get rid of the IRS completely we'd only need to reduce our federal budget from current levels (~$3 trillion for 2007) to 2001 levels (~$2 trillion). Does anyone honestly think we can't at least go back to 2001 levels of federal spending? Of course we can.

As for killing Social Security: it's dying whether we like it or not. There is simply no way a 25-year-old putting money into SS now will ever see benefits, the tens of trillions of dollars required simply don't exist.

Paul's point is that we need to ackowledge the reality of that. His solution? No one who has been promised benefits will be denied them. Repeat: no one promised benefits will be denied them. But younger workers will be allowed to opt out of the system and provide for their own retirement. This is the only sound policy, since SS is insolvent and will only grow more so in the future. It's a failed system and we need to phase it out while not abandoning any commitments made to those who have become dependent on it.

I think if you'll look more into Ron Paul's positions you'll find that he's not "whacko," his ideas only seem strange to people at first because they're not used to hearing them. But once you scratch the surface, you might discover why people are putting all those hand-stenciled Ron Paul signs around town.

More here:


Signed, FZappa

PS--I was in McCarran on Monday. Lost a grand in blackjack in 4 days, but hey.

"Divided government is good government (or at least, relatively inert government, which is usually close enough)."

Agreed. As they say, great minds think alike.

Note to FZappa - If you want to win over four days, you'll need the odds in your favor, which means you've got to keep a count. Try the Revere plus/minus strategy.

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