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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


David, David, David

Hopefully you typed up your vote for Hillary late at night after a few too many at the club.

Give it a few days, and I'm sure that horrible liberal/progressive mindset will go away.



Heh... no, I've not suddenly developed a liberal/progressive mindset...

But seriously, if you had to pick a Democrat in 2008, which would you choose? And, why?

Of course, nobody has to pick a Democrat... but I've gotta say, the current crop of Republicans is looking mighty sad. When "None of the Above" is leading the field, you know you're in trouble!

I completely agree with you when it comes to the Republican candidates. There isn't a single one I can get behind and I have zero interest in Fred Thompson. Newt on the other hand maybe...

If I had to pick a Democrat for 2008 I would go with Joseph Biden. Although I don't always agree with him, he has the most experience and is of solid character.

Newt, last I heard, was sort of supporting Thompson. One of his top advisors recently switched to be a top advisor to Thompson. But he's also said that if none of the candidates does well, he'd be more likely to get in it.

I think Newt's got too much baggage to be a viable candidate. He'd definitely make the race much more interesting, though. I suspect that his Contract with America cred would go a long way with the Republican base, but he's probably nearly as polarizing of a figure as Hillary. With whom, by the way, Newt has worked closely in recent years. Funny how things change over time, eh?

I don't have much interest in Thompson, either. From what I've seen and heard, it seems he's sort of toying with the idea of running just because the field is so weak, and it might be a hoot. Plus he's got a lot of people raving about what a great guy he is. He's being presented by some as the second coming of Ronald Reagan. But he's not.

Joe Biden is a pretty decent guy -- though every time I hear his name, I think of that little plagiarism flap when he ran in 1988. Of course, that was 20 frickin' years ago, so we can probably move on by now.

I like a lot of what Richardson says, too.

But I guess the point of my original post was that my knee-jerk reaction to Clinton is softening dramatically. If she's the Democratic nominee, I could actually see myself voting for her (depending, of course, on her opponent). Not so long ago, I couldn't imagine choosing her over any Republican nominee. So, she's gaining traction. Whereas a few months back I would have sworn that a Clinton nomination would absolutely doom the Democrats, now I'm not so sure.

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