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Sunday, June 10, 2007


Kucinich 83%
Biden 81%
Obama/Clinton 79%
Gore 78%
Wesley Clark 77%

Shoot. Me. Now.

Heh... a coworker of mine took the quiz and came out with Clinton and Kucinich tied for first place. To hear the "progressives" talk about it, those two are like polar opposites in many ways. But on his first pass, my friend didn't realize that he could specify which issues were of high importance. When he went back through, Kucinich dropped several places on the list.

Interesting though... the top of your list looks a lot like the bottom of my list. :-)

Oh I'm all about Obama. That's no secret. But Biden? Seriously? BIDEN?

Richardson is interesting, but he's dead in the water. Would make a tremendous Veep.

Romney will say anything. Period. It'll be interesting to see how the Mountain West vote in the primaries. That's really his only hope.

Did you see George Will roast Fred Thompson on a spit?

I'm beginning to care less and less about this election.

Sorry to jump into the conversation unsolicited. I was looking for a candidate quiz and this page came up on Google.

What are you upset about, Chris? That you thought you were a conservative, and have turned out to be a liberal? It drives me crazy when people label themselves based on dumb criteria, like how their parents voted, or the opinion of their celebrity heroes, rather than really examining the issues and owning up to what they stand for.

Embrace your true self and get on with the business of voting with your own brain, rather than someone else's.

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