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Friday, June 22, 2007


Mmmm....new toy. I picked up a new one myself. I finally figured out how to disable Aero and that damned User Account Control. Aero took up over 300MB of RAM! Bastards. I guess the answer is to boost the RAM, but in the short term, it's goodbye Aero. I haven't played with it much with the new configuration. It should speed things up significantly.

Heh... the funny thing is, Microsoft FSX is not compatible with Microsoft Vista Aero, so when I launch the game it downshifts to "basic" mode.

And yet, thanks to an apparently intentional design philosophy with the FSX team, even with a quad core box and 512MB video RAM I still can't come close to moving all the sliders to the right. The game actually crashed at one point when I tried, and told me I didn't have enough video memory so I had to tone down the graphic detail.

Bastards is right.

Still, even at reduced graphic detail the game looks pretty nice. And the videos I posted don't prove it, but it's reasonably responsive under most all conditions, I can get 30fps most of the time and at least 17-18fps under the most demanding environmental conditions, which is plenty for the illusion of smooth flight.

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