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Thursday, June 28, 2007


I would love to see some pictures of Moscow. Specifically some of the ornate buildings. Can you do mountain flying? Perhaps, somewhere near Aspen, Colorado would be kind of pretty (or Switzerland in the Alps).

Very nice pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

hi, i just got FSX for xmas and need to buy a graphics card as i need to keep all my settings at 'very low' i was wondering if you could tell me what the best one is that i could buy, thnx.

Hi Nicky,

I'm not an expert with video cards, and anyhow the "best one you could buy" generally means the "best one I can afford", which could be just about anything. ;-)

Fortunately, there's a recent article that probably has just what you're looking for here:

Tom's Hardware

Hope that helps!

Hi! beautiful pictures! but I wonder one thing. Where can I find the pyramides? in cairo?
Just say were they are. Thank you.

Hi "Lightning"... Yes, start at Cairo International Airport (not "Cairo West") and from there, head WSW (around 230 mag give or take). You should be able to see the pyramids at the edge of town pretty much right away.

I've posted some new screen caps if you're interested... but I thought you might want to explore them in the game yourself first. ;-)

Happy flying!

nice photos, can you make photos of costa rica, the airport of this country is: Juan SantamarĂ­a Intl (mroc is the code

You think that PDX is looks real? (based on that pic)

GO look at this

Very impressive scenery, John! I got a particular kick out of seeing the "mushroom" at HIO, which is where I first took lessons.

Here's a link for the URL posted above:


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