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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I politely asked you not to belabor the point you had already made, and you refused.

It's supposed to be a conversation, not an argument.

Well, you did say please... so I guess that makes it polite to call it a ridiculous pile of manure. :-D But that's fine, it's your opinion and you're entitled to it.

The deleted comment was a direct response to your second remark in that bit, about the jurisdiction question. It was a completely different point from the one you asked me not to belabor.

If you mean that your comment threads are not supposed to be an "argument" in the sense of "heated fight", that's fine but that's not what I was doing. If you mean they're not supposed to be an "argument" in the sense of "discussion of opposing ideas"... well, that's the kind of "conversation" that has been going on for quite a while on your site.

I guess that's the part that was most surprising to me... the comment you removed was not at all out of place compared to countless other comments that I and others have made in the past.

Again, obviously you can remove content for any reason (or no reason) at all, that's up to you. As a consumer in the marketplace of ideas, now that I know what kinds of content you will remove, that has an impact on how I view the quality of your blogging "brand". I will view your future offerings in a different light. And, I thought that information might be of interest to other blog consumers.

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