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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Man, that looks fun!

My niece called me at work around 4pm all excited to tell me about the snow day.

So did they close the office at work for you? Or were you not scheduled to work today anyhow?

FYI, it never did snow down here in Vegas. It was cold as all get-out (by Vegas standards, anyway, just dipping into the 20's) and windy, but dry. There wasn't even any snow in the mountains, which I found amazing.

Ah well, hope everyone enjoyed the break!

I think they count it as a snow day, or maybe the same as a sick day. Either way it doesn't use up holiday and vacation time. For a company renown for penny-pinching, they make it up to the employees with benefits.

The snow on my street looks about the same today, but the temp is up to 38 degrees or so, so I'm sure it is melting pretty fast. Staying home with the kids seems to be bad for my health. I'm achy, feverish, and congested, so I'm not at work today either, even though I think I could get out of the cul-de-sac with some cautious driving.

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