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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Well, Kos has given the nomination to Obama. As Sullivan pointed out today, Kos doesn't exactly have a sterling track record when calling Dem nominees. Could it be the kiss of death? Only time will tell.

Republicans are SCREWED for candidates right now until they get their house in order and figure out what to do with the Hannitites and Dobsonites. There's no way McCain gets through the primary. Rudy *might*, but he has yet to prove he can withstand the spotlight. And Huckabee (who I like) and the rest of the second-tier candidates are gonna get painted as RINOs and sunk right after New Hampshire.

That leaves Mitt and Macaca.

What does the recent election mean for the Republican electoral landscape?

Nothing. Conservatives believe in their heart of hearts that 2006 was a blessing in disguise, what with the ouster of DeWine and Chaffee. "Moderates," they're telling themselves, "cannot win." Which is completely untrue. Both guys would have stood a MUCH better chance had their party not spent the last four years throwing darts at them. Watch Lindsey Graham in 2008. I bet they run someone to his left in the primary.

And will the 2006 midterms make it more likely, or less likely, that a truly moderate Republican could take the nomination?

WAY less.

Macaca-and-the-Mormon '08!

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