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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Saxton v.2002 would have won this race in a walk. Unfortunately the True Believers torpedoed him in favor of Mannix. Saxton v.2006 is a modern Molly Bordenaro, telling us what he thinks we want to hear while also sending code to the right that he'll be their boy when called upon. And that's too bad. Oregon needs a McCall. Badly. He ain't it.

TABOR is gonna go down in a heap. People want to fund education and they're willing to pay. One can sense a sea change on the issue of taxes. Will be interesting to see how the estate tax repeal goes here in Washington.

Smoking bans are asinine. Especially in Nevada. You want a common sense ban passed, how about keeping kids 10 and under off the freaking Strip after dark. Those parents should be fixed.

Couldn't agree more on Oregon's need for another McCall. A progressive Republican in the classic mold could really clean up (the state, and at the ballot box).

Sadly, the state GOP wouldn't let anybody nearly that independent get past the primary.

I think you're overestimating the resistance to M48 (which is not TABOR, though it shares many aspects of TABOR). I think it'll be closer than you think it is. It will be very interesting to see. I expect M48 to lose by a single-digit margin. Which will only encourage the anti-government forces to make another run next time (as if they need the encouragement).

And how about keeping kids 18 and under off the freaking Strip, PERIOD. Of course it's not a big deal for me personally, I try not to go anywhere near the Strip anyhow unless friends are in town. But the whole "kid-friendly" Vegas thing was tried and abandoned in the mid-90's, with good reason. Ah well...

Early returns have 72% against M48.

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