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Saturday, November 25, 2006


I saw the sun and a wide expanse of blue sky on my way to work last Monday. There was a tall wall of dark clouds on the horizon and it was raining about an hour later, but I did see sunshine in November.

It is supposed to snow with accumulation down to 500 feet tonight, which means cold, dark, windy, rain on the valley floor. I have to wash the towels every couple of days because the air is so wet that they mildew before they dry.

Go Beavers!

Hey Jason, nice to see you contributing... FINALLY! (Said the guy who hasn't updated his own damn blog in like three weeks...)

I agree with all you've said about Oregon... it used to be a nice place to live, now it's mostly just a nice place to be from.

I believe however that you need to be more specific about the issue of "job opportunities". I understand that Oregon's job market has seen steady growth over the past couple of years, and unemployment is back down around the 5% mark (lower in some areas) now. However, it's an issue of what kind of jobs are available. Some job markets are strong, but many "professional" job markets are weak. White collar work just ain't what it used to be in Oregon. Construction and health care jobs seem to be doing well, though.

One disconcerting note, it appears that some of the strongest job growth is in the public sector rather than the private sector. I'm not sure if that's an Oregonian trend or a national one, but it's certainly not a good long-term situation.

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