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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I wonder at the 20 day limit in question 10. Why? It seems like it might be an incentive for compromise if the Governor calls a special session for some issue and says the session isn't over until he has a bill to sign that solves the problem.

But maybe there are good reasons to limit the special session. I sure am glad WE get a voter's pamphlet so we can hear both arguments.

Regarding Question 2, the Nevada Property Owner's Bill of Rights, there's a pretty entertaining flash animation at http://propertybillofrights.com/index.html. It shows the potential devastating effects of the government's unrestricted use of eminent domain.

I think I'm with you. I'll vote YES for the Property Owner's Bill of Rights.

For convenience, here's that link that Linda mentioned above:


And incidentally, the intro to that cartoon looked awfully familiar... it's apparently part of a nationally organized campaign on state issues, because the Oregon TABOR amendment has the same kind of cartoon (but tailored to that topic):


I'm not sure how accurate the property bill of rights cartoon is, but the rainy day amendment cartoon is full of questionable assertions (starting, for example, with the fact that Oregon Measure 48 does not actually establish a rainy day fund).

As I said, I'm leaning towards a YES for Nevada #2 because I think it's important to protect private property rights, but I'm hesitant because of potential unintended consequences. In the case of Oregon #48, while I also generally support the idea of limiting state spending to essential services, a constitutionally imposed formula (inflation plus general population growth) is not the answer, and I'd certainly vote NO on that one.

So the fact that the same people are behind both measures, to some unknown extent, is a bit troublesome to me. I wouldn't oppose a measure just because of who supports it, but I definitely need to take a closer look.

Help the goverment prioritize: People first, economy second. Vote yes on Question 2. Check out this site: propertybillofrights.com.

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