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Sunday, August 20, 2006


It'll be interesting to see how 30 Rock turns out. Depending on who you believe, they either whacked or demoted Rachel Dresch and replaced her with the blonde chick from Ally McBeal this weekend. Fey and Dresch are TIGHT, so this may portend bad times. Either that or they'll use it to it's full comedic potential. Knowing the people involved, I'd guess both.

Yeah, I saw on IMDB they listed Jane Krakowski as "Jenna DeCarlo", which is clearly the character name mentioned by Rachel Dratch in the series trailer. And it has Dratch's role listed as "various" (with Jenna DeCarlo for the pilot). But I also read that they're reshooting the pilot to reflect the casting changes.

Anyhow, I think Krakowski will likely work out better in the co-starring role, Dratch is strictly a supporting player. But I also worry about the behind-the-scenes struggle as well, that could certainly sink an otherwise promising show. Sounds like this was a network decision, and since this is Tina's baby, that's bound to ruffle some feathers. Eh, we'll see how it turns out. I expect it to be a couple of notches better than the average sitcom (which isn't saying all that much), but I doubt it will inspire the kind of series loyalty that I expect to have with Studio 60.

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