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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I think you probably shouldn't mention MLB baseball player and third baseman, 3B, David Allen Wright of Norfolk, VA who is hitting .294 with 22 home runs this year for the New York Mets any more than you have to. Mentioning David Allen Wright in the content could lead to more people ending up here accidentally. It would be particularly bad to mention David Allen Wright along with other MLB phrases, like slugging percentage or on base average. Yep, we better stop doing that.

Ayup. Wouldn't you know it, by golly, the very next two visitors after you were searching blogs for "David Wright".

He's a popular dude.

But really, I know I don't know jack about baseball, but is .294 all that impressive? And granted 22 home runs is exactly 22 more than I've ever hit in the majors, but at the end of August is that particularly special either? I dunno, maybe that is pretty good for a guy who isn't juiced. ;-)

You know, I actually got an e-mail from a kid about a week or two ago, thinking I was that David Wright (didn't even ask if I was, just assumed that I must have been), and begging me to write him back because all is friends told him there's no way he'd get a response from David Wright. So I had to tell him that there was good news, and bad news. He was getting a response from David Wright....

The crazy thing is, the kid got in touch with me through the OregonLive blog contact page, which has been offline for nearly 2 years now! Must've gotten to it through a cached search page or something, I dunno.

Uh.... and in a disturbing turn, the very most recent search to find us here was "david wright and gay".

At least this site isn't the #1 hit for that... but we did make the Top 10.


Not that there's anything wrong with that....

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