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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


It wasn't the "sh*t" so much as the smacking his mouth while he stuffed a roll into it and talked to Blair at the same time. "Condi's goin' over on Sunday." Sounded like he was sending her out to pick up some barbecue sauce. Blair's trying to hold a civilized conversation with him, but he's obviously behaving like a chimp.

Then at the press conference Bush tells Putin with a straight face that he ought to make Russia more of a democracy -- like freakin' IRAQ! Everyone laughed long and hard at Bush, just like they're laughing at our sad, sad little country. Laughing through the hatred. But Bush doesn't know when to quit. "Just wait" he yells over Putin's press time -- Iraq's going to be a good little democracy. Pitiful.

"Some of these guys talk too long." Others are goons.

I followed the link but didn't bother reading the whole "unguarded" conversation. Yep, they quoted him twice in the small blurb. They didn't delete the expletive either time. The scandal of it all!

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