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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


To kick things off... since I no longer belong to any party...

The "Wright Party" stands for individual liberties and equality under the law; fiscal responsibility in government budgeting; maximum economic opportunity for all; and the minimum possible government involvement in peoples' lives, consistent with the above.

Based on that:

I am NOT a Democrat because I do not believe that government exists to "make life better" for anyone; rather, it should provide an environment where anyone can make life better for himself.

I am NOT a Republican because I do not believe that government has any business regulating peoples' personal lives, nor do I believe that it is fiscally responsible to run massive deficits because of enormous tax cuts.

I am NOT a Libertarian because -- well, mostly because most Libertarians I know of are whack jobs who don't think government should do much of anything at all; I do have strong Libertarian leanings but I'm not that extreme.

I am NOT a Green because -- well, mostly because most Greens I know of are whack jobs, period. But to be fair, I don't actually know any Greens, so I could just be on the crack pipe with this one...

I'm sure I've left out somebody's favorite minor party... so let me know who I missed...

My political party believes in not calling people whack jobs when we're trying to promote civil discourse. :-)

But heck, Libertarians are easy to make fun of. Did I tell you my favorite Libertarian joke?

"How many Libertarians does it take to stop a Panzer Division? None, the free market will take care of it."

Point well taken.

But then, I'm not necessarily targeting the whack job demographic. Not intentionally, anyhow. So I doubt if many folks reading this blog will take offense... ;-)

And... funny joke... but a wholly inaccurate statement of the Libertarian "party line". A strong military for the physical security of the people and their property is one of the few legitimate uses of government power. More or less. Of course, they are always worried about granting too much power to the government.

The LP official web site has a link to the "World's Shortest Political Quiz", which I'll post above as an update to this entry. I was not entirely shocked to find that I came out dead center, but just a hair into Libertarian territory (70% on both scales).

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